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After years of research and development, Presotea offers its customers a wide range of unique drinks based on tea. Each Presotea cup will be able to fill your day with the unique colors of the unique tastes of teas from faraway Asia.

Special brewing technology

Presotea is different from the present-day tea beverage market. We have invented a new technology for making tea at high temperature and under high pressure, using Teapresso, which allows us to preserve the exceptional taste of tea. Every cup of tea is freshly made in front of our customers, only after your order, using one tea bag for one cup of tea. Thus, every customer can enjoy the fresh aroma of natural, high-quality tea.

Fresh Natural Healthy

Presotea possesses professional knowledge about tea, unique technology of roasting tea, skills of collecting and making tea bags. In addition, the tea we use is only high quality tea, such as Green tea with Jasmine, Oolong tea, Hojicha green tea, Japanese Genmaicha tea, Matcha tea and others. Presotea insists on providing the freshness as well as a healthier way of drinking tea. All this allows us to reasonably assert that we offer our customers not only a tasty, high-quality and natural product, but also healthy product for you and your children.

International certificates of the highest level confirm the fact that we use only natural, high-quality and healthy product. Presotea confirms its quality with the following certificates: ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, FSSC22000, Rainforest Alliance Certificate and others.


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